Meet the Photographer - Greg Demaria

At the early age of 15, Greg Demaria was introduced to the wedding industry through his father Joe, a multi award-winning wedding videographer for over 20 years. Greg experienced capturing weddings through the eyes of cinematography and as a result a passion for filming and producing weddings was born.

Greg quickly developed his skills over the years and established a desire for capturing weddings. He was also given the opportunity to work alongside some of the most renowned wedding photographers in Melbourne.

Greg's strong interest in the photography aspect of weddings inspired him to complete a Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2002 at the acclaimed Photographic Imaging College in Melbourne. His career progressed to a new level as photography shifted from traditional film to modern digital practises, enabling Greg to be exposed to new photographic opportunities. 

Greg's passion for photography led him to capture prestigious fashion events such as beauty pagents and portfolios for aspiring models. While he enjoyed the photographic element of commerical photography, his true passion lied in capturing weddings.

With a wealth of knowledge gained from his industry experience, Greg developed his own photographic style and flair, earning respect from his peers and in the process building the reputation he has today.

Greg best describes his style of photography as candid yet glamorous, creating timeless images that capture the moment and at the same time displaying exceptional attention to detail and individuality. His professional yet relaxed attitude makes every bride and groom feel at ease, leaving many clients in awe of his work. 

Greg strives on making your special day an unforgettable experience and images that not only stand the test of time but are truly like no other.